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This is where I’m going to stick all my research, summaries, notes, etc for the runic alphabets. It’s a reference point for me. Not intending to be tidy or blog-presentable, nor to have any sort of audience other than myself. I just need somewhere to put it.

Comments welcome nonetheless.

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I apologise for the shitty theme and layout. It’s tidy enough and wordpress keeps changing it’s settings so until I figure it out (shortly), it’s going to look this way.

My work has been done in collaboration with various friends (you know who you are and what we worked on). Your assistance and excellent brains have been immensely valuable to help me research, discuss, solve and create this. Thank you.

Email: neutronlee@yahoo.co.nz

If you would like a link to a font (collaboration), message me.
If you would like any runic help or translations, message me.