Everyday Runic: 0001

Everyday occurrences of runic.

-Facebook transcript-


W: Vat does this say?
W: http://boards.420chan.org/hooch/src/1426168150023.gif
W: I hope it’s nothing terrible
H: It’s not Anglaski, that’s for sure
W: hrmk
W: It might also be gibberish
W: A lot of the runes I recognize, but not all of them
B: Yeah its nonsense unless its also in a Nordic language
B: You never get that J and c/k with the o or a/o. Its not one alphabet
H: Top right, clockwise
W: I seeeeeee
W: ahaha
W: To be honest that doesn’t look like real words in any language
B: ottast daudann c/kann e cc/kk ad njota lifsins sa sem
B: N looks like G I think
H: Oh, I was reading a bunch of them the wrong way up
H: Yeah
B: xD Yeah
H: My brain got kerfuddled
B: No, very good translation.
B: It does make me think it’s another actual language, just not English.
W: Hrm, it could be icelandic actually
H: “Feared dead cannot enjoy life”
B: Yeah o_O
W: You what now?
H: W you creepy
B: That’s what the Icelandic is.
B: Out of all those language you could pick at random, that one translates.
B: Creepy
W: Oh really? Ahaha well actually I googled it, and this came up:
So not quite so magical really
H: :|
B: Well that was some nice translation practice in any case
W: Heh. Icelandic seems like a cool language, but is apparently one of the hardest to learn
H: Why is that weird O transcribed as D sometimes?
B: Did it translate into Icelandic as D?
H: No, in the runes
H: Top character
H: I read it as O, but then I googled it to check and
H: http://www.tha-engliscan-gesithas.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/runepic2.jpg
B: That’s O as far as I know. Maybe OO, I guess some weird phonetics sounds could make it more like D?
H: Yeah, strange