For my non-historically accurate alphabet, I want it to be easy to use, almost like a code, and a corresponding amount of characters to the current modern English alphabet.

This will mean:
– Q is a single character.
– There is c, k, and q.
– R rune will need to be an earlier (yet recognisable one) as it is currently ‘too close’ to the modern english to be disguised as in code.
– J will need to be the stick with the diamond shape. The 2/3 trianges are too ‘un-stereotypical runic-like’.
– K is not the 2/3 triangle. It the stick like H (not P, do remember.)
Same, mais q est trois characters. See .

For my historically accurate alphabet, I want it to be a mix of all of them and enough essence of the modern English alphabet to be used with relative ease.


For my tehtar version, I need to develop punctuation, numbers (perhaps), double vowel indication and double consonant indication. Tehtar needs to flow. Convienent for both left and right handers.
No apostrophes.

This will mean:
– Main example – O (current back/forward slash) should be recognisable as two symbols (as mentioned.) No alternate meanings or significance, just simply two symbols for the same letter. One flows better for left, and the other for right handers.
(More evidence of directional writing needed.)

Runic font? Or trop variation entre characters (create new post on character combinations. 150 common english word list?)