Master post of Things

Project (current):
New Q character/s.  Investigate the ‘useless’ letters j, x, z, etc and q/k/c.
Potentially 3 new q characters.
Cw blend? For ‘Kw’ words like ‘question’, ‘key’. Hard sound.
Hard sound also – ‘qu’est-ce’ and ‘que’. A bit like Cr without the r. The hard C sound. Kess. ‘Kick’.
And another character for words like ‘queue’.  -Kyu.

Projects (other):
Make convenient alphabet. (also plus tehtar.)
Make historically/otherwise accurate alphabet.

Question list to investigate eventually: (date).
Q and U (together and why)     (07/11/13)
Did religion impact the evolution of the alphabet formation (aside from spreading the script)? Minimal or great impact? (07/11/13)
Impact of right/left handed people.    (07/11/13)
Timeline of Greek, Etruscan etc.       (07/11/13)
Did letters and numbers develop independently? 6 G   (07/11/13)
Why is J a Y sound? (6/12/13)